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  andrew davey

By Degrees 2012

The current series of work uses stairways and steps as a central motif. Ladders do have symbolic value and they are used in a number of small drawings as metaphor.
Increasingly however I find myself more interested with evidencing the making of the work, its construction and materiality and the use of rule and gesture.
Each piece is a consequence of the preceding one by eliciting a trace or by sharing the same starting point. One thing leads to another, a resist, a means of transfer, chance, or the choice and juxtaposition of various media. Edges, junctions, qualities of mark, degrees of transparency that reveal previous layers and the positioning and distribution of shape are of concern. So too is a lines momentum and trajectory and the speed of a curve.
The layering and procedure is made apparent. The detail may be wrought from a rubbing in wax or graphite from the impasto of a previous painting. The alignment of subject and method, excavation and frottage, posit the dichotomy of presence and absence, the fiction and the fact, the image and the reality.


Adrew Davey Artist Work Space Brewhouse Theatre