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  andrew davey

Painting : 2010

Abstract and figurative elements co-exist in the work.

“Paper-over”    “Over and Above”
Representations of digital compression are set over images of used paper, bundled and stacked, or trees and foliage, the pixilation crisp and clean, set over the unruly physicality of paper waiting to be pulped and recycled, or a tangle of leaves and branches.

Pictures of books, which on the open page reveal a further image as a figure of speech.

Painting : September 2011

The work is often initiated by working over a pre-existing image, a previous drawing, a copy or a picture found. Familiar signs, various means of making marks, fragments of collage left exposed and a particular methodology make space for outcomes that are not predicted. Accidents and unexpected juxtapositions together with the germ of an idea will direct the course of the work, but it may happen that the work’s direction will change.

The approach is largely intuitive and involves a continual working and reworking of fragments until they are woven into a tapestry of painted and drawn marks, a kind of liquid collage.

The work is layered and previous states are allowed to be seen. Often the image that is pursued, but ultimately obscured, has emerged from an accident of texture, by resist, by rubbing or scribble or by the paint having been dragged or slurred.

The repetitive losing and retrieving of forms in the layers becomes a search for the ambiguous territory between presence and absence. The image oscillates between interpretations. Does it appear out of the paint or disappear into the paint? Is it being revealed or hidden?



Andrey Davey Statements september 20010 and 2011